Oct 16 -21, 2017

National Drug-Free Work Week

A public awareness campaign highlights the importance of a drug-free workplace and encourages workers with alcohol and drug problems to seek help.

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Featured Video

Drug Testing For Marijuana

Some employers may be thinking about dropping marijuana from their drug testing panel as a way to address legalization. Learn about what to consider before making any changes to your drug-free workplace program in a short video produced by our friends at Drug Free Business.

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In the News

  • Opioid Crisis at Work

    Businesses aren’t immune from the drug epidemic that’s hitting central Ohio hard.

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  • Emergency On Opioid Crisis Now

    We are writing today urging President Trump to heed the advice of the bipartisan White House Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis and declare the opioid epidemic…

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  • Too Drugged-Out to Work

    A slew of reports finds a fresh reason for the chronic inability of American companies to fill skilled jobs: not a lack of skills, and hence a training-and-education crisis, but…

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