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A Refresher on Maintaining a Robust Workplace Drug Policy

In the pursuit of fostering a safe and healthy work environment, implementing a comprehensive drug-free workplace policy is a pivotal step for employers. The nuances of these policies may vary, yet a common thread emerges – a staunch prohibition against alcohol consumption or illicit drug use or the misuse of prescription medications, especially...

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Language Matters When Discussing Substance Use Disorder

As small business owners and supervisors, you have a vital role in helping employees facing substance use disorder. Recent advice from Penn State Health highlights the importance of positive conversations and support. The advice below will help you to foster a culture of understanding and assistance.

Use A Positive Attitude:

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) during #RecoveryMonth

Substance use disorders are intricate challenges that reverberate throughout an organization. Through the implementation of EAPs, companies have the opportunity to cultivate a culture of care, compassion, and well-being within their ranks, ultimately fostering healthier and more productive workplaces. As we observe National Recovery Month, let us remember that recovery is not just a possibility—it's a reality that can be achieved with the right support systems in place.
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Employee Training

Employee training is just as important as supervisor training to explain why an employer has chosen to implement a drug-free workplace program.
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Supervisor Training

Supervisor training helps those in charge know what to do when tough situations arise. These frontline leaders are trained in how to recognize symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse...
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