Oct 12 -17, 2020

National Drug-Free Work Week

A public awareness campaign highlights the importance of a drug-free workplace and encourages workers with alcohol and drug problems to seek help.

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Featured Video

Drug Testing For Marijuana

Some employers may be thinking about dropping marijuana from their drug testing panel as a way to address legalization. Learn about what to consider before making any changes to your drug-free workplace program in a short video produced by our friends at Drug Free Business.

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Marijuana in the Workplace Toolkit

Drug Free America Foundation and the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance are pleased to present this timely and informative toolkit to employers to assist in navigating marijuana and its confusing effect on the work environment.

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In the News

  • Tobacco-Free Workplace Benefits

    Tobacco-free workplaces protect all employees from the harms of secondhand smoke and can motivate persons who currently use tobacco to stop or decrease its use. Employers that take the steps…

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  • Webinar Resources: Recovery and the Workplace

    Workplace Stakeholders! Drug Free America Foundation cordially invites you to view our October 29, 2020 webinar entitled, Recovery and the Workplace. Webinar Summary We are excited to share with you…

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  • New Workplace Resource

    New workplace resource on substance use and mental health is available. Co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders can have significant impacts on the workplace.

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