Training for Drug Free Workplaces

Training Courses for Drug Free Workplaces!

A key component to a successful drug-free workplace program is the training and education of supervisors and employees. The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance provides online, web-based Supervisor (U.S. Department of Transportation-DOT compliant) training, employee education, and parent education courses. Our training courses are available through National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance membership or by purchasing a training pass.

Training for Supervisors or Employees

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance proudly offers online drug-free workplace training courses for employees, supervisors and parents. The course format is:

  • Easily accessible by any computer with internet access
  • Available 24/7
  • Self-paced and flexible
  • The supervisor course is 2 hours and the employee course is 1 hour
  • End-of-course test – 70% or better produces a certificate
  • Supervisor course is DOT compliant
  • Printable/savable certificate of completion

Course Information

training for drug free workplaces

Employers/purchasers may choose to purchase a pass for either a supervisor course (DOT compliant) or an employee course. Upon request, multiple training passes may be purchased at one time. As soon as the purchase transaction is completed, the purchaser will receive an email with the training course website and a training pass code (token) to be used when the participant is ready to start the course. Upon first login, the course is activated and must be completed within 45 days. Training passes are valid as follows:

  • Training passes must be used within the calendar year in which they were purchased (January 1 to December 31).
  • Once a pass is used to login, the training participant will have 45 days to complete the course.
  • Access to training certificates is available only during the 45-day period.
  • Training histories are not retained.

Purchase Training Passes

Employers that purchase a National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance Membership are eligible to receive 4 training passes for drug free workplaces upon request as part of their membership package. Please contact us for more information.

Number of Employees Cost Per Person
1 – 100 Employees $30
More than 100 employees Contact us below for quote

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Training Course Descriptions

Supervisor (Department of Transportation - DOT Compliant) $30
This course informs supervisors of the components and function of drug-free workplace programs (DFWP) and the impacts to individuals. Participants will become familiar with the impacts that the abuse and misuse of drugs and alcohol has on businesses, the components of a DFWP, its benefits and key issues. Users will learn about authorization of such programs in the U.S., testing situations, and issues impacting DFWP. Course trainees will become familiar with the skills and knowledge needed for a supervisory role including the physical signs and symptoms and performance indicators of drug and alcohol use or misuse.  Additionally, they will understand how to document a reasonable suspicion of drug and alcohol use in the workplace.  Perhaps most importantly, learners will become familiar with the impacts of alcohol and drug use on individuals, including the how they affect the body, health risks, signs and symptoms of use, types of alcohol and drugs, impacts to the workplace, and how to get help. This training meets the DOT requirements for the 2-hour signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse/reasonable suspicion course.
Employee $30
The employee training course familiarizes employees with a drug-free workplace program (DFWP) and the impacts of substance use and misuse in the U.S. and the workplace.  Participants will understand the authority for a DFWP, learn about the benefits, the circumstances of drug and alcohol testing, and employee rights and responsibilities. Learners will also become familiar with the impacts of alcohol and drug use on individuals, including the how they affect the body, health risks, signs and symptoms of use, types of alcohol and drugs, impacts to the workplace, and how to get help. This course meets the 1-hour employee training requirement for most states’ workers’ compensation insurance discount programs.
Free Bonus Course with Every Purchase: Parent Awareness Module "Keeping Your Kids Drug Free" This short parent course, Communication: The Key to Keeping Your Kids Drug Free, is included as an added bonus for employees and supervisors who are also parents. This course provides extra support to working parents that often have nowhere to turn in times of family distress.  It addresses challenges that parents face in society such as how the drug scene has changed, the influences to societal change, and gives encouraging news about drug use reduction among teens. Parents will also learn how to connect with and influence children. Finally, parents will get helpful tips to proactively address substance use prevention through enhanced communication, setting house rules, and what to do when rules are broken. This is an optional module included at no charge with the above courses.

Questions or Requests for Multiple or Bulk (100+) Pass Purchases

Upon submitting this inquiry, a member of our National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance staff will personally contact you about training for drug free workplaces.

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