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New Marijuana Impairment Technology

In the dynamic realm of marijuana regulation, technological innovations are continually reshaping how we approach the detection of marijuana use. One such advancement making waves is the marijuana breathalyzer, pioneered by biotech company Hound Labs.

Hound Labs has introduced a groundbreaking product capable of detecting marijuana use through breath samples....

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Navigating Marijuana Policies in the Workplace

As medical and recreational marijuana gain legal ground in more states, employers are taking a fresh look at their nationwide drug and alcohol policies. Yet, despite shifts in state-level regulations, marijuana retains its federal Schedule I classification. This introduces safety concerns for employers, as employees using marijuana could potentially arrive at work impaired,...

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Changes in Testing for Marijuana in the Workplace

While some states may be reclassifying marijuana in their drug testing, a drug-free workplace policy's purpose is to help keep employees safe. Employers should review any new statutes and news for their state and, with legal counsel, adjust their policies accordingly.
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