National Drug-Free Work Week

We are proud to announce the 16th annual anniversary observance of NATIONAL DRUG-FREE WORK WEEK, OCTOBER 14-18, 2024. This yearly public awareness campaign highlights the importance of a drug-free workplace and encourages workers with alcohol and drug problems to seek help.

History of National Drug-Free Work Week

National Drug-Free Work Week was initiated by the U.S. Department of Labor as a cooperative agreement focused on improving safety and health in the construction industry through drug-free workplace programs. The first Drug-Free Work Week was observed in 2006, and in subsequent years, more and more organizations—representing a range of industries—also rallied behind the effort, helping firmly establish it as an annual opportunity to reinforce to employers and employees alike that “working drug free works.”

Today, the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, a division of Drug Free America Foundation, in collaboration with stakeholders for a safe and healthy workplace, promote this annual observance. Together, we spread the message to encourage individual workplaces to take this opportunity to educate and strengthen their safe and healthy work environments—reflecting the true spirit of National Drug-Free Work Week.

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2023 Materials: Work Well, Live Well; Drug-Free, We All Excel

"The Modern Drug Free Workplace Program with Discussion of Marijuana Testing" with Joe Reilly

Trends in drug testing are changing from the traditional 5 panel urine drug test which started in the 1980s as the standard for drug testing for businesses in the United States. Learn from 30 year drug testing industry veteran Joe Reilly about the current trends in drug free workplace programs with a discussion of the hottest topic – marijuana testing. This one-hour webinar will include:

  • The 5 components of a drug free workplace
  • Regulated vs Non-regulated Drug Testing
  • Trends in drugs and specimens that are being tested
  • Marijuana – to test or not to test

Presentation Slides Webinar Recording

"Modern Drug Storage Solutions" with Kevin Mlady of Safe-Rx

Discover Safe Rx Locking Prescription Vials (LPVs®)! These vials, secured with a 4-digit code, ensure exclusive medication access, trusted by pharmacies, healthcare providers, and government/non-government organizations.

Join Kevin Mlady of Safe Rx as we discuss how safe storage can help us all live well and work well.

Presentation Slides Webinar Recording

"Why to Include Voluntary Disclosures and Second Chance Agreements Within Your Company's SAP" with Esther Miller

An employer's most valuable resource is their people. Currently the unemployment rate in Florida is at 2.7% and even lower in other sections of the country. Finding and keeping good help has never been more important. One of the ways to do that is to have a workplace that values the health and wellness of their employees. Substance abuse disorder is a mental health condition that can be overcome. How can employers help employees who are dealing with a substance abuse disorder and still maintain a safe workplace? One is by having resources available for both counseling and treatment, and a return-to-work plan. Learn more in this informative webinar.

Presentation Slides Webinar Recording

Work Well, Live Well; Drug-Free, We All Excel Flyers:

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Drug-Free Work Week Resources

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