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Supporting Employee Recovery

In today's workforce, the impact of addiction (substance use disorder) on employees is a reality many businesses face. Substance use disorders are complex and affect not only personal lives but also professional productivity and well-being. As small business owners, you have a unique opportunity to support your employees through their recovery journey. By...

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Language Matters When Discussing Substance Use Disorder

As small business owners and supervisors, you have a vital role in helping employees facing substance use disorder. Recent advice from Penn State Health highlights the importance of positive conversations and support. The advice below will help you to foster a culture of understanding and assistance.

Use A Positive Attitude:

National Recovery-Friendly Workplace Toolkit Announced!

The Biden administration recently launched the Recovery-Ready Workplace initiative, along with an online hub, urging employers nationwide to actively support individuals in recovery from addiction. The program provides a toolkit for employers and endorses a model state law to incentivize businesses to become "recovery-friendly" workplaces. With over 20 million Americans in recovery, the initiative aims to combat discrimination faced by those seeking employment while presenting a mutually beneficial opportunity for both individuals and businesses.
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Stigma of Substance Use Recovery

The National Drug Free Workplace Alliance has shared a new resource on reducing stigma of substance use recovery in workplaces. Workplaces provide an important role in helping employees battling against substance use disorders. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), “Employment provides economic stability, a meaningful social role, and often direct access to treatment and recovery services.”
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