Supporting Employee Well-being: A Guide for Business Owners

Supporting Employee Well-being: A Guide for Business Owners

In today's fast-paced business world, understanding and addressing the mental health and substance use challenges faced by employees is crucial. SAMHSA's "Substance Use Disorders Recovery with a Focus on Employment" guide is a valuable resource that not only explores best practices but also provides practical solutions for communities grappling with these issues. Developed with insights from experts, this guide offers business owners a practical approach to implement positive changes in mental health and substance use services within their organizations.

Individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) often encounter barriers to employment, including inadequate job skills, lower educational backgrounds a complicated work history, and various personal challenges. Recognizing the importance of employment in the recovery process, it is crucial for employers to be aware of these barriers and take proactive steps to support their workforce.

How Employers Can Help:

1. Review and Update Policies: Begin by revisiting your company's drug and alcohol policy. Consider incorporating recovery-friendly options to create an inclusive environment that supports employees in their journey towards recovery.

2. Advocate for Peer Support Coaches: Recognize the power of peer support within your workforce. Consider advocating for the inclusion of peer support coaches who can offer invaluable assistance to employees navigating the challenges of recovery.

The guide also highlights numerous studies showcasing the effectiveness of interventions that include employment and education. Programs offering counseling, care management, and access to nurse care have proven to be particularly impactful. A robust support system is essential for employees to stay committed to their recovery programs.

While progress has been made, more research is needed to develop rigorous, evidence-based programs that help employees work safely while in recovery. Business owners can turn to this guide for insights on how to support their workforce and contribute to a workplace that prioritizes employee well-being.

By implementing the recommendations outlined in SAMHSA's guide, businesses can foster a supportive environment that not only aids employees in their recovery journey but also contributes to a healthier, more resilient workforce. Prioritizing mental health and substance use support is not just good for employees; it's good for business.

Source: Substance Use Disorders Recovery with a Focus on Employment. (2021, March 1). SAMHSA Publications and Digital Products.