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Supporting Employee Recovery

In today's workforce, the impact of addiction (substance use disorder) on employees is a reality many businesses face. Substance use disorders are complex and affect not only personal lives but also professional productivity and well-being. As small business owners, you have a unique opportunity to support your employees through their recovery journey. By...

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Drug Testing In Your Hybrid Workplace

Prioritizing employee well-being is paramount, regardless of the actual environment in which that work takes place. One proactive measure to ensure a safe working environment is drug testing. However, implementing drug testing requires discretion and adherence to legal and ethical considerations, no matter the setting.

Drug use can impair performance,...

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The Workplace During Alcohol Awareness Month

As we observe Alcohol Awareness Month, it's crucial to acknowledge the significant impact of alcohol misuse in the United States and how that misuse can potentially affect your workplace and workforce. From preventable deaths to societal costs, the repercussions of excessive alcohol use are profound.

According to the Centers for...

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Navigating Substance Use in the Workplace: Fact vs. Fiction

In the glossy realm of television, workplaces are often depicted as hubs of drama, intrigue, and sometimes, a fair bit of substance use. Take the Max TV series "Industry," for instance, where characters indulge in a "work hard, play hard" mentality that occasionally veers into the realm of illicit drug use. While these...

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A Refresher on Maintaining a Robust Workplace Drug Policy

In the pursuit of fostering a safe and healthy work environment, implementing a comprehensive drug-free workplace policy is a pivotal step for employers. The nuances of these policies may vary, yet a common thread emerges – a staunch prohibition against alcohol consumption or illicit drug use or the misuse of prescription medications, especially...

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Navigating Marijuana Policies in the Workplace

As medical and recreational marijuana gain legal ground in more states, employers are taking a fresh look at their nationwide drug and alcohol policies. Yet, despite shifts in state-level regulations, marijuana retains its federal Schedule I classification. This introduces safety concerns for employers, as employees using marijuana could potentially arrive at work impaired,...

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