Drugs & Alcohol in the Global Workplace-It’s Easy to Get it Wrong!

Drugs & Alcohol in the Global Workplace-It’s Easy to Get it Wrong!

Workplace Stakeholders! Drug Free America Foundation cordially invites you to view our August 18, 2020 webinar entitled, Drugs and Alcohol in the Global Workplace - It’s Easy to Get It Wrong!

Webinar Summary

This webinar will make a short “whistlestop tour” of the main topics to consider when managing drugs and alcohol in the global workplace. Topics to include:

  • The impact across an organization
  • Policy and procedures
  • Training and education
  • Testing types
  • Testing equipment
  • Support and return to work
  • Considerations due to COVID19

During the webinar we will look at the foundations for successful management of substance misuse in the global workplace.

Webinar Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • The possible impact of drugs and alcohol across an organization, why and when to drug/alcohol test and things to consider when carrying out a testing program.
  • The main types of testing utilized in the workplace and some of the international testing issues to consider for businesses that operate in multiple countries – such as possible variety of testing rules, cut-off levels, drug panels, different technologies, training of collectors, use of an Medical Review Officer (MRO), etc.
  • The benefits of support and a safe return to work for those that have recognized issues.
  • How COVID19 may affect the policy and procedures and the impact it is having on the workforce.

Webinar Presenter: Matt Taylor

Matt has a deep industry knowledge and over 17 years of “hands-on” experience within the Drugs and Alcohol Policy, Training and Testing sector. He has specialist knowledge within Policy, Point of Care testing and Sample Collection. He has given a number of "Key Note Speeches” and presentations at UK and worldwide conferences and events. Having advised upon and written 100s of UK specific Drug and Alcohol/Substance Policies (from Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to Public Limited Company (PLCs) covering most industries, Matt is also an author of many articles published (print and online) in areas such as Human Resources and Health and Safety specific to safety critical industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas and Transportation.

Matt is a strong believer in “Education NOT Propoganda” and is passionate about helping businesses and organizations to improve how they manage drugs and alcohol in the workplace - with a focus on quality and getting it right!

As a heavy user of drugs and alcohol in the 1990s and as a Senior Manager within a highly safety critical industry (at the time), Matt utilizes his experiences to effectively communicate, educate and train people from all walks of life, and at all levels.

He continues to be an active and prominent member of the EWDTS (European Workplace Drug Testing Society). In 2018/19 he helped the EWDTS write their guidelines for Point of Care Testing and also delivered the closing presentation at the 2019 EWDTS Conference in London. Matt is also a key member of IFDAT (International Forum for Drug and Alcohol Testing) and is helping to organize, host and speak at the IFDAT Conference in Salzburg 2021.

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* Special note: Due to technical difficulties, the first 17 minutes of the webinar were not recorded. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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