Best Practices: Dealing with marijuana, opioid use

Best Practices: Dealing with marijuana, opioid use

Tire Business | Miles Moore, Senior Washington Reporter | October 12, 2017

Nest Practices: Dealing with marijuana, opioid use

WASHINGTON — Marijuana and opioid use has been an acknowledged problem for many years in just about every industry, including tire retailing and auto service.

However, sometimes the problem can become apparent in startling ways. Ask Dick Nordness, executive director of the Northwest Tire Dealers Association (NWTDA).

Marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use in Oregon and Washington, which the NWTDA represents. However, what is legal in society and what is permissible in the workplace are two different things.

According to Mr. Nordness, an NWTDA member with multiple locations published advertisements for technicians at one of his stores. Five applicants were interviewed.

"Both the owner and the store manager agreed these applicants were well-qualified," he said. "But four of them failed the routine test for drug use, and the fifth one said voluntarily that he wouldn't pass."

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