Substance Use Recovery in the Workplace

Substance Use Recovery in the Workplace

The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance has released a new resource educating employers and all workplace stakeholders that supporting substance use recovery at work can be a benefit through increased productivity, improved morale, safer workplace, greater employee retention, and a more positive working environment.

The new one-pager provides a short introduction to the concept of a recovery ready workplace through the following points:

  • Describes the impact of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) to society and the workplace
  • Explains recovery and the role of the workplace in that process
  • Defines the idea of a recovery ready workplace and gives examples of support an employer may provide to an employee in recovery

By engaging in specific proactive policies, programs, and initiatives, workplaces can alleviate risks of initiating or continuing substance use disorders, increase access to substance use treatment, and provide ongoing recovery support.

Download the resource