Drug Free Workplace Training:

Only $30 per course, per person!

A key component to a successful drug-free workplace program is the training and education of supervisors and employees. The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance provides online, web-based U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT supervisor, employee, and parent education training courses. Access to our training courses is available through National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance membership or by purchasing a training pass. For more extensive information (including information on bulk purchases, please click here.

Supervisor Training $30

Supervisor training helps those in charge know in advance what to do when adverse situations arise that may have involved drugs or alcohol. These frontline leaders are trained in how to recognize symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, how to document those symptoms and other related performance issues, and how to intervene when necessary. With the supervisor's support and understanding of the program, the employer will benefit more fully from the drug-free workplace program.

Employee Training $30

Employee training is very important and helps your valuable workforce understand how substance abuse negatively affects the workplace, especially where safety is concerned. With employer support and proper training, most employees embrace the program and appreciate the many benefits of a drug-free workplace.

Parents in the Workplace – Awareness Education

Parenting is a tougher job than ever in today’s society. Negative influences, including drugs and alcohol, have always been there, but now young people are being bombarded with media messages that undermine families and instruct young people in the abuse of dangerous substances. When problems arise in employees' homes, the workplace suffers. Parents will learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse and tips for improving communication with their children, especially about drugs. This optional module is included with all training courses.

Online training courses are available through a membership in the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance or by purchasing a training pass.

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